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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Making progress, I think.

On my last post I told about the scare we had over Christmas with the blood clots in my husbands lungs then the bleed in his knee.  The day after I wrote that he had to have the knee aspirated again for more blood build up.  We were pretty down as the Dr. was making noises that they might have to go in and take out the new knee hardware, wash it all out, and if they did he would be a great risk for more blood clots.  It looked like we were still in trouble.  His blood tests were still not very good, showing a possible infection.  But by the next day the swelling went down in his knee and gradually he started feeling better and eating better.  But he still has this apprehension that something will happen. We don't know how soon he should drive yet.  Hopefully we will find out soon.  His sed rate is still elevated but is coming down. He will be on coumadin therapy for several months and that is scary for both of us.
  So there we are: getting better yet afraid the other shoe will fall.  Oh, maybe the other shoe is ME.  I wasn't sure I wanted to put it on here but just to say that I have a shoulder that is giving me some grief and have been referred to another Dr. for further evaluation.  I am the only driver in this household of Seniors, and it is a worry to be responsible for every ones needs. I guess my fear is that if for some reason my husband should not be allowed to drive anymore it will be my responsibility and I can't have anything wrong with me. 
Somehow I know we will be OK.  Heck if we have to his 87 year old sister can get her drivers license back.  Nawwww bad idea.


Coffeypot said...

Trying times, I know. And it may come down to one day at a time, but you will make it. You will take what ever faces you and deal with it...if it's two things, you will deal with it. That is what us old fucker do. These young punks can't handle what we can. Soldier on, babe.

dc said...

You always make me smile! Thanks for the kind words Coffeypot!

MadCityMike said...

DC......I have been on Warafrin, the generic Coumadin, for years. I've had both knees replaced, and a couple of kidney stone surgeries, all with the thinned blood, and I'm sure that your husband will get back to the level of health and activity that he was before the knee surgery. I guess it just depends on how each individual reacts to surgery trauma and specific drugs, but I am positive his body will adjust and mend. Meanwhile, try not to be so stressed! I agree with Coffeypot......take it as it comes and don't try to think too far ahead about "what might happen", but stay strong and deal with the present......things WILL get better!

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