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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Spring Snows do damage

This is what happens when you get 4 inches of wet snow in May!  This big tree had bloomed and was all leafed out.  Had the tree guy out yesterday and guess the whole thing is going to come down.  Always hate to see a tree go.  We were lucky it didn't fall on the fence. 
Saw my orthopedic guy for one last time (did I mention that he is a cutie?)  Anyway I have a couple more sessions of PT to finish, and my surgery is about all healed up on my upper arm and think I will be just fine.  Will always have some restriction with my shoulders but need to learn to not reach out away from by body when lifting anything and reaching behind me.  Hopefully I will remember to do the exercises they are teaching me to help strengthen the shoulder muscles.  I asked him about my thumbs hurting so much and he assured me it was "just" osteoarthritis.  It flairs up when I do to much hand work like I did last week wrapping alot of small rope to make my fabric baskets.  He said I could still do it but just not so much at a time.
Oh, did you say you would like to see one???  Well here it is.  This one is about 13 inches across and 2 inches deep.
I made a set of 4 mug rugs to match.  Not sure I can sell this one though as I sort of like it.  Have fabric left, maybe I could wrap some more.  TEE HEE  Now where is my heating pad?

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Coffeypot said...

We had to take down a Bradford Pear that spit in half. But they will split if you stand under them a fart. I believe that you have to tie the limbs together to keep them from splitting. But that is now, I didn't think of it back when I had a beautiful tree.