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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Don't Whine

This is a poem by unknown author that was at the end of a chapter of the book I am reading.

Today I saw a lovely girl with golden hair,
envied her and wished I were so fair.
When she rose to go, she hobbled down the aisle,
She had one leg, wore a crutch and a smile.
Oh God forgive me when I whine
I have two legs, the world is mine.

Then I stopped to buy some sweets.
The lad who sold them had such charm.
I talked with him---my being late was no harm,
As I left he said to me, "You've been so kind.
You see," he said, "I am blind."
Oh God forgive me when I whine
I have two eyes, the world is mine.

Later, I saw a child with eys of blue.
Watching others play, not knowing what to do.
"Why don't you join the others, dear."
He stared ahead, he could not hear.
Oh God forgive me when I whine......

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noise-e said...

Fall On Your Knees! <3