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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just as it should be

I just love it when things fall into place, just as they should. Sister in law, accepted an offer on her house yesterday with closing the end of April. Which willl give us just enough time to get moved and hubby fly back and help her with her moving details. She will use a moving co. to do the major moving and hubby will drive her and her 2 pups back. She will take posession of her house in Mo. just before she gets moved in so I can see to getting the carpets cleaned and ready for her.

All is sailing along here, I am orienting my replacement, which is usually unheard of with a state job. So I am sort of laying back my last couple weeks and letting her do most of the work. Heck how else is she supposed to learn!! They are throwing a retirement party for me Sun afternoon. So that should be nice.

Still very cold here, and treats of more snow flurries, so we are waiting till the last week to do the moving sale. Wish us luck to have decent weather.

So that is my update. Getting all my addresses changed, Anyone who wants my new address and phone no. in Mo. can e-mail me and will pass it along.

Will of course have to change internet servers after Mar. 31 so I will notify folks of that. So its off to work, well sort of work, ha ha.

OH, don't think I mentioned I bought 6,000 books while in Mo. for 5 cents a book. A leap of faith as I only looked in a few boxes, but think it going to be OK> I got alot of painting done while there and the house cleaned, wood floors waxed and all the donated stuff cleared out. So it is ready to move into. Can't wait.


Sindy said...

Excellent!! Hugs!!!! =)

addict said...

I love it when all of the pieces fit together... and life is as it should be!

MomThatsNuts said...

Great!! Glad to hear things going swimmingly....its cold here in AZ today too, but you win....