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Friday, March 10, 2006

Baby its cold outside

Well dang, home one day and look what we got up to this morning. Those are quail swarming under the bird feeder. Taken from my kitchen window. more snow tonite too. And bro just told me it is 70 degrees back there in Mo. 3 more weeks and I am out of here for good. Yea for me.


Sindy said...

Good God! haha! and I just finished washing my dishes and had to put my hair up and put on shorts because its 70 here for sure.. but the blessed humidity has sucked the fun out of it today. (and I'm a Wuss). Hurry up so you can enjoy the humidity too!!

marge said...

yea for you too .can't wait to see you again. sorry I didn't get to see you anymore . but the flue bug found me .all over now . see you soon