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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Got our critters home!!

From left to right. Millie {who is most likely with child}, Hubby,{he is easy to spot huh?}, baby girl Flossy, her Mom Jennie. You can only see a tiny part of the horse's head, but will post on him seperately. They are so gentle and the dog was accepted with not problem. We were afraid that her being a strange dog they would run her out, but they let her walk around their feet, even the horse. And the chickens are in heaven as they mill around picking up any feed they drop. They had been on a pretty much dry lot, I mean dust dry, and eating grain and hay. They hardlly lifted their noses from the grass all day. Flossy was so funny learning how to eat grass. Her first efforts was to pull straight back on a piece of grass till it snapped off. After one day she has learned to crop it off with her little teeth. Oh, and little teeth, the gal who raised her was letting her suck on her fingers, thinking it was cute. NOT. So we are gently letting her know that teeth on people is a no no. We don't want a biter. Well enough for now. Just had to share this with the world. Posted by Picasa


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dc said...

thanks, glad to know you are lerking around. Is that spelled right?

Anonymous said...

hi ,cute . we have a new puppy .see you soon. love marge