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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Train

I stand on the tracks, looking into the darkness. Then I feel it coming. I can feel the vibration of the steel on the tracks and now I hear the sound. I can see the light flashing with warning and danger that is coming straight at me. I stand on the tracks paralyzed, my heart starts to pound faster and I cannot move. At last the train is upon me and still I can not move and it steams right over me. I throw back the covers to release the heat. That is what a hot flash is like to me.

Those interested need to read the Nov. issue of More Mag. There are 2 good articles in the Body and Mind section. One called Are "natural" hormones safer? And the next is "This is your brain on menopause". Very interesting reading.
I have just started on the bio-identical hormone touted by Suzanne Summers. They are compounded by the pharmacy with specific doses of 4 different hormones. Each can be adjusted to meet individual needs. Well I have tried everything else so why not.

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