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Saturday, November 04, 2006

If they could talk

I brought 2 old tins of my mothers buttons in with me today to the store. I have had the tins for at least 40 years. They are green tobacco cans. SAIL aromatic pipe tobacco a product of Holland. They have screw on lids. These were tins that my mother saved buttons in. Back in her day and my earlier day, if you threw a garmet away or made rags out of it you cut the buttons off and saved them for future use. I found some really interesting buttons. I dumped them out on the counter and as I pushed them around and looked at the interesting shapes and colors I just thought, "these buttons really hold so much history" Can you imagine the little tiny pink ones were on some dainty blouse and the huge black ones must have come off of a coat. I could tell my contributions to the tins, as they were those extra buttons that come attached to a blouse or pair of pants. Did anyone ever actually use any of them. I don't think so, I think that if I lost a button, I dug around in my sewing machine box and found one that would work. Usually it was single buttons like on a pair of pants so there was no matching. And those little swatches of yarn, never used them either.
Well if these old buttons could talk, wouldn't they have a story to tell.


heather said...

I still cut the buttons off of things, I have a giant pickle jar of them hidden in my closet.... My granny did it... and I would help her.... so I just kept doing it I guess.

Sindy said...

I remember as a kid going through your lil containers of buttons. It's no wonder that I actually have several containers of old buttons.. I think of it more a collection than useful..thanks for passing on your button fetish.