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Friday, November 10, 2006

What makes us who we are?

Have you ever thought about what it is that makes us who we are? I mean really what is IT? You see people born into the same family that turn out so different. Why?
Is it Nature or Nuture? Is it the genes, DNA, that we inherit or the influence of how you are raised, combined with exposure to outside factors that mold us? I guess I tend to think it is a mix of both, but then I like to throw in the free choice that we have going for us. And what about predestination, I still believe that we chose the paths that we follow. I think that explains why some of us have such hard lives and some have easy times. There is Karma thrown in there. So this is a long explaination for why I am going to post this thing that I wrote over a year ago and had posted on my old blog site. I liked it then and still like it. I would love to see other think of what it is that makes them who they are and write something similar. Thanks for listening....

I am me.

I am the little girl collecting McMcall paper dolls.

I am the tears cried as mom read Lassie and Big Red to us by kerosene lamp.

I am the kid who caught grasshoppers to feed to the chickens.

I am a country girl first and always.

I am the 16 year old who ran crying in the rain when my first love moved away.

I am the 12 year old who got an ear jerked as punishment by a father who never once spanked me.

I am an old farm house made of brick with huge pine trees in the yard and a big apricot tree.

I am the girl who's best friend was a little brother.

I am home canned green beans.

I am the teenager who locked herself in the bathroom so Mom couldn't hit me with the yard stick.

I am the smell and taste of moms raised doughnuts rolled in sugar.

I am the high school drop out.

I am the 17 year old being married far to soon.

I am the nursing student who worked every weekend for gas money to get to class.

I am the nursing grad who was 2nd in her class at age 27.

I am the first baby I delivered with my own hands.

I am bleach blond hair.

I am the mother of 2 babies of my own.

I am the child who played in the pond and haymow for fun.

I am the smell of cows breath, while sitting in the hay bunk while they ate.

I am the woman who's heart has been broken, to be mended again and again.

I am music that makes me feel melancholy.

I am books that make me think of all the possibilities.

I am the keeper of the secrets.

I am a grandmother.

I am the seeker of spiritual thruth.

I am a blogger.

I am me.

Who are you?


Addict said...

That beautiful post brought a tear...
Thank you for showing us ~you~

You know, I sometimes give myself a headache thinking about the same thought... still trying to figure out who I am tho, it's a journey.

Anonymous said...

I am touched by this you , marge