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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Shed a little tear for the puppy

Coming into town this morning I saw something that made me a little sad. I saw a dog on the highway that had been killed by a car probably this morning, but what caught my eye was the rest of the family sitting off to the side on a little rise about 15 ft from the highway. It looked like the Momma dog and the rest of the litter, all sitting exactly the same and looking at the dead pup. Made me get a little catch in my throat just seeing them like that, like they knew. I have seen this "pack" of dogs for several weeks, and think they belong to a home back in the trees. This is the 2nd on to get hit in this area. They are just mixed breed mongrels. In this part of the country people let their dogs run loose, or they will confine them in small pens. Don't know which is worse. Well this was a site that I won't forget, wonder how long they will sit there??

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Sindy said...

awww. :(