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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hay is a WashOut! And baby chicks too!!

Well so much for making hay while the sun shines. Had the hay cut a week ago then it set in raining, got 1/2 in 2 days later, then kept getting sprinkles almost daily, Was almost dried out on Sun, then Sun nite it rained pretty good and kept raining all Mon morning, Got over 3 inches, with alot of flooding across the field into the ditches and creek. So this first cutting is totally ruined. What a bummer, as the first cutting is always the best. Hope it dries out enough so the guy can get in and rake up what is left and bale it and get it off the field so the new can grow ok and we can get another cutting or maybe 2 more time. We usually get 3 cuttings a year. It is raining again right now. Seems it just can't quit.

Sat pm. we discovered that 2 of our wild banty chickens hatched out babies. 3 in one batch and 4 in the other. Those sneaky girls flew into the chicken pen to snuggle up with the rooster. See the rooster and our laying hens can't fly out of the chicken yard. They have it good, a nice big grassy yard with a couple cedar trees and a chicken house to go into with nest boxes. So the only way the banties got fertile eggs was to fly into the chicken yard. They are sort of free spirits, and live out around the barn most of the time and have free run of the farm. No way to contain them. Have 3 in all. Well the baby chicks are reddish with some stripping down the back. I only got a good look because I used the binoculars! They won't let you get very close. But they seem to be hanging out down by the carport so we put feed and water out for them to help out. So we will see if they can protect them from the wild critters.

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Anonymous said...

sorry bout your hay.. but awwwww on the baby chicks!
love ya toots.