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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vacation Time WooHoo!!

Well I am getting packed up for a week at our Time Share in Branson. Got my season pass for Silver Dollar City. Packed some awesome books, DVD's and CD's, walking shoes and small backpack. So think I am set to take off tomorrow. No computer, no blogging, nada! Cold Turkey, off line. But I am ready. Looking forward to a few days of alone time, then some family is joining me later in the week. So that will be fun. Hubby is staying home to take care of the critters and get the lawn all mowed up. When I get back, having a family get together at the farm, then the next day Hubby is headed out to Nv. again to get his sister moved back again.

She is all healed up from her fractured hip, and has been on a cane now for a couple weeks and doing well. Hate it that it is the hottest time of the year. She lives in Carson City, just over the hill from the big fires up at Lake Tahoe. While we lived there a couple years ago there was a big fire on the west side of Carson City, up in the big pines where all the nice homes are. Looks bad when a big fire goes thru. We could see the fire from our home. Burned down over 30 homes and we thought that was bad. Can't imagine 300 up at the lake.

Well I am off, wishing a safe trip to the nieces traveling across country to be here for a visit with their Mom and all of us. Looking forward to that. I know they will have a great time together, and will get to see some cousins they haven't seen in ages. You know its really all about family isn't it?


Addict said...

I came over to wish you a safe trip... but I got all clammy at the thought of no internet for a week. I thought I was going to pass out for a sec.

Betty said...

Have a good time in Branson. Come back refreshed and with pictures and stories about your trip.