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Friday, June 22, 2007

Synchronicity ? You decide.

I just ran (well walked) to the bank before I opened the store this morning, and dropped in at the little restaurant on my way back. I do that once in awhile to treat myself to someone else's coffee. Anyway I love it when little encounters just seem to happen. At the table by the door was a gal who recognized me from my book store and she introduced me to the older gentleman sitting with her. She said he is a local "character." Guess he is into Mo. Cowboy Poetry, and all sorts of things. We ended up doing some name dropping of Nevada Cowboy Poetry famous people and I guess he has been invited to Elko Nv. to their annual get together. I have attended the Cowboy Poetry thing that the hospital aux. puts on annually in Carson City. What a hoot. Hoping they come by the store to visit more and maybe bring me some books to sell. He has published his own poetry books.

Funny, just this morning hubby and I were sitting on the deck enjoying the morning coolness and talking about horses and remembering the pack trip we did at Elko back in about 1988. Part of the trip was a real steep trail down the mountain side and the horse I was on "Waddy" got spooked and sort of reared up so I bailed off and walked him down the rest of the way. Would you believe that one of the Elko poetry guys we talked about at the restaurant was a guy named Waddy Mitchell. Spooky huh?

If you are interested put this into your search engine and see what you find. National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

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Addict said...

I think there is a little synchronisity in every encounter we have... it's just a matter of if we are paying attention or not.