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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Do I Miss the Prison?

I ran across this list today while cleaning my computer desk. Does everyone have such clutter around their computer?

Anyway I had compiled this list of things I would miss and not miss about my old job as a prison nurse. So here goes, only 2 years to late:

Good pay
Good Benefits
Fresh Air
Camaraderie of officers
Views of mountains
Coyotees howing at nite
Frost on barbed wire
Funny Inmates: Like the Transgender ones who shave eyebrows and legs, then use ink pens to paint eye liner and brows.
Being a real patient advocate in a crappy system
Riding around in the golf cart
Having the responsibility to assess patient needs
Laughing with Pat


Whining nurses
Lazy nurses
Dirty bathrooms (not the inmates either)
Inmates in boxers
Inmates with pants below their butts
Manipulation tricks
Cussing: Inmates and staff
Hope to never hear the "F" word again and have to pretend it is OK in normal conversation
Smell of burning toilet paper wicks (called punks)
Noise level
Banging of cell doors
Back ache from standing to long
Looking at old men who you know are child molesters(Chesters)
Seeing young men messing up their lives
Being glad that some of them are behind bars
Packing large numbers of keys
Having to remember several codes to access keys and doors
Hearing Pat yell at Inmates

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