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Friday, October 03, 2008

Hooters for Marge

And hey there girl,
Can you hold my hand.
Cus when they bury my body,
I'll be dust in the wind.
And like a dream in this reality,
You will carry my soul in the mind like a memory.
(copied from a song by An Angle)
Marge passed quietly from this world at 12:30 AM Thursday Oct 2nd. I just want to spend a few minutes and put some of my thoughts about her down.
She was my big sister, being 10 years older, but I didn't grow up with her at home, so I have no "being the little"sister memories of her. When I first saw her again I was an adult and we were then scattered all across the country and didn't get to be together very often. It wasn't till much later when our families were raised that several of us seemed to settle in the same area and were able to spend more time together. So here are some of the things I will remember most about Marge.
This picture is a perfect example: Always a puppy in her arms. She loved her dogs and loved raising puppies.
Always a ready smile and a big one too.
Willing to laugh at herself, like the time she bought me an AC/DC tee shirt because she thought it great that they made a tee shirt with my husband and my initials!
Always optimistic about life, willing to deal with what life dished up.
Usually a cigarette in her hand and if none were available, like once on a family get together, would resort to smoking her brothers pipe.
Vain about her looks, worried if her "wrinkles" showed.
Owner of many padded bras, even the blow up kind and butt pads.
Liked shiny things, rings, necklaces, and such.
LOVED to shop the catalogs.
Always ready to share what ever she had with others.
She loved to cook and collect cook books and boxes of receipts.
Sorry sis, you never got the bigger boobs you wanted, maybe in the next life you will have great big hooters!

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Addict said...

I'd forgotten about the AC/DC shirt... I love that!