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Friday, February 06, 2009

Oh, my! I'm not in Kansas anymore Toto!

What a month this has been. Not sure where to start except to say my computer blew up! Can't believe it. I have had a computer for years and this is the first one that a bug got into and blew it up for me. When I took it in they thought the hard drive was still intact. So I will get it rebuilt but it will be probably at least 3 weeks before I get back on line. Gee I hope I didn't loose all my "favorites"

Well where to start. We got moved to Co. 2 weeks ago today. Made the trip over the mountain OK. I spent a week there to start unpacking, and get a little organized. Then I took a bus, yes I said a bus, back to Mo. as we left our pickup here. I got in here last Sun. and am staying with my SIL and helping her get packed. She closes on the sale of here house here on Tue. Then closes on the house she bought in Co. just a block from us later in the week, then I am out of here to drive home if the weather is good for me to travel over the mountains. 2 day trip all by myself!! Then hubby will come back by bus about the 18th and stay with his sister and drive her to Co. after the movers load her out on the 27th.

So far things have been falling into place pretty well for us. Hard to believe really. For us to finally get the farm sold in Oct. Then to sell 2 houses and buy 2 within 2 months. I think someones hand was on us for sure.

Now just don't know why the darn computer had to shoot craps on me. Been on line trying to make sure that I have all my accounts switched to my yahoo act. Am going to try to transfer my Outlook Express info to Yahoo. Anyone know if that can be done??? I have alot of saved folders there that I believe will be lost when I close out that act. next week with my IP.

OK, I said goodbye to my little store today. Feel sort of sad as Teresa is running it now and she will be fine. Doesn't know much about books though, but she has half of the store for her antiques and collectibles and is advertising. In exchange for letting her use half of the store and I pay the utilities and all as I did before, she will ring up my sales, weekly give my sales for the week to my brother who will deposit them for me. I think it is a fair deal.

Well that's it for today and I won't be back for awhile again. Seems funny to not have access to a computer daily. I am using my brothers today while I am here in town.

Thought for the day: Every path has a few puddles.

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