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Friday, February 20, 2009

Home At Last, and on line too

Here I am, safe and sound. Also to be noted that I have a new computer and this is my first day back on line. First about the computer, my old one bit the dust. It was bad timing but I think it will work out great. I got some good advice from a really nice computer guy and went to Office Depot and got a new 17 in. laptop by Toshiba. He was able to download my hard drive and put it on this new computer. It has the Vista program and I am going to give it a go, so far it seems easy to use. What the heck I think I will get a wireless router later on. You can't say we aren't doing all we can to help the economy.

Now about my trip back alone. One whole day to get across Kansas, stayed all nite in Colby Ks. and kept getting weather reports about a snow/sleet mix moving into that area after midnight. Well needless to say I didn't sleep very well. Ended up getting up real early and by 4:20 AM I was on the road and the sleet was just starting. Of course, coming west, I was driving into it. I feel sure that if I had waited till 6 or 7 AM I would have been to chicken to head out and would have been stuck there for a couple of days. As a storm was coming over the mountains west of Denver for later that evening. Anyway to make a long story short. I managed to get on some black ice and slid off in the ditch. I was very lucky, as no one was around to run into me, and the ditch was wide and only 2 or 3 feet lower than the highway. After I sat and got my heart to slow down, I just turned the wheels and drove along the side of the highway till I was back up on it. I drove with my flashers on and stayed on the shoulder for at least 10 miles till I saw that traffic was moving along and the road was more clear. I finally drove out of it, but it took me 3 1/2 hrs to go 130 miles. Boy I was ready for breakfast and a break! But the rest of the day went well and I got home before dark.

So I got here on Fri the 13th, Hubby left out on the 18th and is now back in Mo. helping finish up packing his sister up (I think I got about 90% of it done the week I was there). The movers come next Fri and they will make the trip back here to HOME.

I think I will like it here. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful. Ran into a gal at Office Depot who has a weekly "estate" sale locally. Think I will check it out. She takes stuff from all over the area and sells it on consignment. I know a sister-in-law who is moving way tooooooo much stuff that she won't have room for. Dang with all the stuff we got rid of I don't have room either, But I love my house and have just decided that there is still alot of stuff that may have to go. Sometimes less is better.

So thats my thought for the day:: Less is better

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