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Monday, February 23, 2009

E-mail, almost there

Big accomplishment today, I got my e-mail to work on my new computer. The instructions were very helpful till it got the the last step, which they left off. But my new best friends, the computer guy and his wife got it going. I so wanted to do it myself! Now I have to find a copy of MS Office 03 to load (without having to pay thru the nose) My friend saved all my old outlook express info but it won't run with this Vista Lady. I will live without it and get used to the new program, but dang I loved that old Outlook and I had so many files stored on it. So if anyone wants my new e-mail you already have my yahoo address, just send me a message and I will give it to you. Oh, I don't like yahoo e-mail format either.

New PLAN: I will learn how to do a back up disc for all my hard drive info.

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