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Friday, July 01, 2011

Not so wild

Took this pic from my bedroom window, so sorry about the screen. Hubby has been putting extra cracked corn in our back driveway for the deer. We have one nursing Momma that is real thin and are glad to feed her. But this pair has been showing up lately just to get a drink from the bird bath. That is a young doe to the right at the bird bath, and on the left is a pretty little buck with forked horns that are in velvet. That is a black rubber pan on the ground for them to drink from. But the little girl just drained the birdbath. That is my little city garden that I hope they stay out of. I hung some old cd's on the tomato racks but they have nipped the tops off.
Wish I could get a pic of the "FAT" squirrels that love the deer corn too. Pretty soon they won't be able to climb the tree.

Update on the house wren that is nesting in the gourd off the deck. They have been carrying little bugs and worms into that nest for several weeks. Well it seems like it. Hubby thinks that the Mrs. is to lazy and Mr. is just feeding her. I say they have teenagers that won't leave home.

Thought for the day. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO EVERYONE. BE SAFE!

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