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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Minor Miracle (is that an oxymoran?)

Boy, on Monday I was up to my armpits in books!! I was lucky enough to get a tip on an estate sale about 50 miles away. I ended up getting some pictures of a room full of books via the phone and made an offer, sight unseen. That was on Sat. So on Monday I wrangled the hubby to go with me with a two wheeler and his new knee to go haul books. Ended up we couldn't get them all in the small pickup, oh, I had added a bookcase on top too.

Since we were fairly close to my daughter we went over there, picking up burgers and frys on the way.After we had been there awhile, hubby noticed that he was missing his pocket knife. He had used it to cut a rope to tie down the book case. Well dang, it was old anyway, he had carried it for at least 50 years. Well you won't believe this but as we were admiring our load with the "kids" there was his knife, with blade open, laying on the back bumper!! We had driven 10 miles on a freeway, made several turns and a big bump at McDonalds. Isn't that something??

I went back down to get the rest of the books on Tue. and the "kids" met me at Dennys and fed me some eggs and coffee. Wasn't that sweet of them? They followed me to help with the books and the gal running the sale ended up donating a lift chair and some other handicapped equip to the ALS group that the "kids" are affiliated with. See he as ALS and they can all use the help and support they can get.

So its a beautiful world, don't care if the stock market is in the drink. Shouldn't have bought stock anyway, What Was I Thinking??

Thought for the day: Everyday people are straying away from church and going back to God--Lenny Bruce

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