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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our privacy?

I wonder how others feel about their privacy on their blogs. I have tried over the years to maintain my privacy on this blog as far as saying names of family, where I really live and all that. Like maybe someone will stalk me and steal my computer or husband.
Is anything really safe when you put yourself out there on the internet in a blog site? Probably if someone really wanted my husband they could figure out who I was and come ring my door bell.
The reason I am pondering is that I have started another blog about my book store and want it to be open with all my info on it sort of to promote it. Other family members with a business seem to be doing it, complete with phone numbers, hours, specials, and all the rest.
So I am thinking I am just a tiny grain of sand in this big universe of internet jibberish and who really cares except the few who wonder my way and may find I have something interesting to say.
So there you are. Do you feel safe with putting yourself out THERE?


MadCityMike said...

I don't write more than first names, etc. either. When we have vacations planned, I make sure I have enough "backlog" to write my normal days of post while away, beginning writing about our trip (in the past tense) a few days prior to coming home. Of course, I don't always have enough for my "normal" Monday-Friday posts either, so missing a day or 2 while gone shouldn't send up any "no ones home" signals either.

Coffeypot said...

Unless I post nude pictures of myself, I don't think I could be anymore out there. And no one has abused my blog yet. (knock on wood.)

Mystery Guy said...

I have a mystery account. This only becuase the thigns I write about I dont want my family or friends to know it came from me. If the stuff I wrote about (New blogger with a lot to say still) my family and friends knew, a lot of questions and your wrong and thigns would come into play. I dont think that many people actually stalk and track you down, becuase if they wanted to, nothing you do is going to stop them?

dc said...

Wow, what a mix of comments. I actually don't think I will worry to much about it. We all know there are eyes watching us all the time. Really. So I have nothing I am hiding, no skeletons, no bodies, no secret off shore accounts. I have started a blog about my store, and will probably link it to here, LOL I think it already is!