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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here's to old friends

Have been on vacation, more on that later, but just wanted to jot a few lines while I remember my waking thoughts.  Do you do that?  Wake up with something really brilliant on your mind then by the time you have breakfast it is gone in a puff of steam off the coffee.

What do Rosemary, Linda, Suzanna, and Maggie have in common?  ME!  These are old friends I got to reconnect with in Carson City this past week. Rosemary and I went to nursing school together, Linda is the one who taught me how to set up and run my book store, Suzanna is an old friend of my SIL and I thank her for her kindness, Maggie and I used to work together at the prison.  So a well rounded bunch of friends.  It was great to yak and catch up and make sure we will stay in touch with our computers now.

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