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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Their nest runneth over!

We got 3 inches of rain over the weekend and as a result the back side of the robin nest was sagging badly and the kids are getting pretty big, so of course we had to mess with Mother Nature.  I used a bag that avocados came in and we pinned it up behind the nest, then pulled the back down under the nest and tied it off.  Hopefully this will help.  Someone told me that they helped their robins by actually using a small basket and putting the nest in it and fastened  the basket to the tree and the Momma didn't mind at all.  Ours are working hard to feed the 4 babies.

Been keeping an eye on a the pair of crows that live nearby.  We have seen them carrying baby birds in their beak with a flock of robins squawking their heads off, chasing the crow.  And you know they weren't taking the baby birds to adopt! DANG Crows!

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