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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last one......maybe

As you can see, they are all beady eyed now and getting feathered out.  Will be gone a few days so they may be gone when I get back.  Next year we will put a basket under the nest right off and let them have at it.  Our little house wren is back and has decided to nest in the gourd that I hung just inside the carport.  They are happy as can be, and singing up a storm.  Have another one hanging in the tree, but I think we just have the one pair so far.  I sat on the deck last pm and let him/her sing to me from across the deck.  

One last picture till later........


Coffeypot said...

Have a good time, DC, what ever you have planned.

Is the red thing next to the nest put there to keep the cats out? I don't think they need a cargo net.

dc said...

You silly CP Of course its a cargo net! Keep the kids from falling out. YOU better not jinks me with the cat comments either!