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Sunday, March 24, 2013

My rat story

I had to start setting my tiny humane trap again this "spring" (I use that word loosely, as I sit here and watch 2 inches of spring snow fall)
Anyway, so far I have caught 2 mice, 1 chipmunk, and one rat.  I have mentioned that my hubby and his sister put enough corn and birdseed out daily that you would think we had a small herd of sheep.  Of course they love to feed the birds and we have some deer that come thru nightly and clean up the corn and a wild turkey that shows up when she is in the mood.  Oh, did I mention we live in town? 
Anyway with all this food on the ground it has to attract rodents.  A couple weeks ago I mentioned to hubby that something smelled funny with the little pickup that I drive to my store.  When I park it under the carport and get out I got a burned smell.  So he looked under the hood and there was a nest of "stuff" right on top of the block.  So out came the air compressor and he blew it all to H-e-double L. 
So I figured I better start trapping again.  The chipmunks I catch get relocated. (they are so cute) The mice and occ. rat gets their brains batted out after we put them in a sack and wack it on the deck.  Figure thats more humane than drowning.  Quick and effective. 
I have mentioned I feed a cat that lives behind my book store and is still pretty wild but waits in the same place every day for her food.  (sister feeds her when I am not there)
I gave her a treat of a dead mouse twice, but when I had the dead rat that was over 24 hours dead in my baggie, I got to the store and looked at that rat and just couldn't put it out there next to the good leftover chicken and cat food for this pregnant cat to eat.  So the rat went into the garbage can.  End of the rat.

Any one want a pretty calico pregnant feral cat?  I think I could trap her. :)


Coffeypot said...

I think the cat had rather trap, kill and eat their on mice and rats. Take the rat and toss it down a street drain and his pals will eat him.

dc said...

me thinks you are right!