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Friday, March 08, 2013


I have expressed my thoughts before about synchronicity (always have trouble spelling that).  I have experienced it many times in my life.  Not a huge deal, as I think we all have them and usually just don't pay attention to them.  My last one that really put a big smile on my face was a couple weeks ago.
I left the store a little early so I could go to the local country store to pick up a bag of oatmeal that I had ordered.  So it took me on a different highway to go home from there. I had the radio on to this oldie's country music.  A song was on by Jimmy Dean called Big Bad John.  The split second that it came to the part of the song when he sang about him going to the Promiseland, I looked up and was passing a country church with a huge sign (you guessed it) Promiseland!  It was really like I had just received a message from someone.  You could call it God, The Universe, My higher self,  what ever your belief.  But it was real and I smiled all the way home with a feeling that I had someone watching over me and they just wanted to give me a little nudge to remind me.
Shortly after this I read a notice somewhere about an author who believes in this and of course had written a book.  So I looked it up and ordered.  It is called Consider the Butterfly by Carol Lynn Pearson.  The title was revealed at the end of the book because she had a period of time that butterflys( in print) popped up 9 times within an hour in unrelated things for her.
She subscribes to the idea that it is God/Universe talking to us.  She calls it Meaningful coincidence.  As you probably know there are no coincidences in life.  They all have meaning if you take the time to look and SEE.  She has documented her syncronicities and been able to link them to her personal life and what is going on with her and her family.
So I have started my own file on my computer and titled it Messages from the Universe.  I know that is not original but I like it so borrowed it for my file.  I want to document my syncronicities and see if I can find some meaning for them and not just "oh, yea I noticed that"  Once I read a word in a book that was something unusual, don't remember what it was but that next day that name popped up on someones license plate.  I have not seen that particular word again.  Now that had to be synchronicity.
So I challenge any readers that I have to look for the syncronicities in your life and see if you can find the meaning for them.  I think it will be an interesting journey and after all we are all on our own journey aren't we?

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Coffeypot said...

I've had a few incidences like that in my life. But I think it's more like God saying, "I'm gonna get ya."