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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Junk Mail

I am sure many know someone who is a junk mail magnet.  We have one that lives in our house, (its my 89 year old sister in law)  She answers these questionnaires that she gets plus donates to various organizations, most of them political.  She thinks she will understand everything and save the world.  Then when she gets 15 pieces of mail a day (I am not kidding), she groans that she doesn't know why they keep sending her stuff.  She spreads it all out on the table and reads every bit of it.  She brought me one that she wanted me to read the small print on the back, and said, she guessed she wouldn't donate to them any more.  It was a breast cancer research place.  On the back it has to release the facts of where the money goes.  Last year they raised almost 12 million dollars, with 63.5% of it going to FUND RAISING, 4.2% to administration, and 29.6 % to education and a lousy 2.66% to research programs. 
I have a feeling these statistics are average for most of the places looking for your money. 
If I had my way all her junk would go in the trash but she is of sound mind and it sure gives her something to do.  Then all the "stuff" they send usually gets mailed back to the sender.  Like little sewing kits for the soldiers,  they are sent to her then she can return them with her donation so they can be sent to the soldiers.  All they really want is her money.  Who knows if they send the kits on or not. I got tickled a couple weeks ago Huckabee got bumped from his Sat. night slot as there was some major news event going on.  She did get to watch him Sun. but she was going to call FOX and complain to them because she had made donations to them and it was like they would be taking her advice for their programing.
When I have asked her about why she reads all of the stuff, she just says it was sent to her and she needs to read everything.  There is often money in the envelopes too and she feels guilty if she keeps any of it so it usually is sent back along with another survey.
What really worries me is that I know these are all the work of high paid marketing people and often they are doing a demographic thing that focus on the elderly.
Shoot we probably should have an 89 year old grandma running the country, they know more about what is going on than the average 30 year old.

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