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Thursday, August 22, 2013

No politics on my blog!

I just deleted my last post.  It was a political deal about ObamaCare that I thought was very good, but I have decided that I don't want to make my blog a place to share political views.  Thats not what I wanted here, so if anyone is looking for that sort of blog you will have to move on.  I have a good friend that I had to unfriend on FB because there were numerous spiteful things on there daily about our government.  Enough said!

So it will be back to boring stuff like what I am doing and thinking.  LOL  That won't take long to read.  Actually I usually have a lot to say but usually keep it to myself to keep peace with everyone.  Does that make me a peacemaker?  I have been accused of being the "keeper of secrets"  by a niece.  I think that is true.  I know stuff about several people that I would never share.

So unless you want to hear about my plugged up ears or pain in my thumbs, I better stop for today and be back when I have something smart to say.

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