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Friday, July 21, 2006

Business is booming, well maybe

It is 10:00 Fri AM and have 2 customers already!! Coffee is brewing, Ray Lynch playing mellow music on the computer, life is good. Only had one customer all day yesterday, First couple days open had several lookers and made a couple sales each day. Not worried, still trying to alpha everything. Working on the science fiction now. Did the westerns yesterday, seem to be alot of western readers here, I didn't think I needed to alpha them till the very first guy that came in looking for one special author made me realize that everything has to be in alpha order. Keeping busy at home with hubby out of town. Lawn needs mowing, to cool off this weekend so that will be good. We have 5 little banty chickens now, about half grown, the rooster just started crowing last week. Have to compete with them for the tomatoes, but guess they can eat a few. They sure run around picking up bugs, Saw a pair of groundhogs in the pasture next to the house so the shotgun is sitting handy. Don't want them up in the yard, They dig such huge holes where ever they decide to. Sorry to all the groundhog lovers, The world will have to do without a few if they are on our place. Well got to go read the local paper, should take about 5 min. My article should come out next Tue. Will copy and post it here. dc

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