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Sunday, July 09, 2006


So OK you can't organize 10,000 books in a couple days. Who knew?
Actually there have been some serious stuff going on with this family, both sisters with major health issues and now a greatnephew is critically ill, so you know things sort of came into perspective for me today and I said to myself, "self, what are you knocking yourself out for?"
So it may take a few days longer. My bro and his girlfriend were just here and bless their hearts hauled all the "extra" books over to store in my sisters house. There was a whole pickup load. NOW I can see some progress and can start to get organized. I was feeling so swamped. I have thrown several hundred books in the dumpster and have a few boxes in the corner that will most likely end up the same way. Not going to store anymore. My gut feeling is that after I am open awhile and take in books for resale I will never open one of those boxes and they will go to the dump too. Hate to throw out books, but 25 John Gresham's The Firm is just to much!! And tons of the old romance novel, you know the kind, with the guy half dressed and muscles bulging and a damsel with her bosom hanging out and hair to her waist looking wistfully at him, half of them have Lust as part of the title. But I want bright newer books and when the shelves are full and I have room I will pull out some of them. Will be interesting to see what kind of books folks here read. Probably all the Lust for Life type, ha ha
Well headed home early, only about 6 pm. Oh, while I am writing a novel here I will add that hubby is headed back to Nv. in one week. His sis did not like Mo. and refuses to stay here and has bought another house in Nv. again to be back where she is familiar with things. Shelfish us, we thought she would be happy to just live near us. Hubby is the only family she has and she is 82, just can't see what this is going to do to my hubby, This is his only sister and only family left to him. So now he will have to make trips back and forth to check on her and over see her going to an assisted living one day when she can't live alone. Oh, don't get me started. On one hand I am so mad and on the other I can understand her. Well we all make choices in life and have to live with them. So thats my story for now. dc

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Addict said...

Meg and I heard from Wes yesterday... God I wish I was there.
I just wanted to say "thank you" for being there...