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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Opening the 17th, for sure, for sure!

I really mean it this time. And I will be ready, still getting the books alpha, by author now. And have some of the old wooden floor left to scrub and wax. It is the orig. bar floor, was able to save about half of the flooring. Got the blinds and curtains and adding a couple plants and pictures. Sort of like nesting. Hubby will leave Tue to deliver his sis back to Nv. What a time to be traveling across the deserts. Guess I never mentioned we got a new vehicle just before we moved. It is a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Bright blue with white top. Really cool looking. We get lots of comments by folks when we travel. Some even ask to sit in it. So he is driving it and they are sending her car by a car carrier, which is being picked up today. She has an 89 Crown Victoria that has less than 30,000 miles on it and still looks new. Well got to get to this floor. Hot here. Love the air conditioner. dc


MomThatsNuts said...

hey I have a TON of books, paperback and NOT paperback that I read once and now I dont have room for them. You could have them free if you want them...just email me and let me know...

looks AWESOME...


dc said...

hmmm wonder what shipping would be? Might be worth it if they are like new books, only paper backs. Don't have your e-mail though. will check with Addic and see if she has it. dc

Anonymous said...

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