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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Branson Vacation

If I did it right my video from Silver Dollar City, outside of Branson, should come up just after this post. Hope you enjoy it. The Swing is a new ride there. No way I would get on it, but as you can tell by all the screams the kids love it.

I had a nice relaxing time. I hit alot of garage sales on Fri as I drove down. A two hr drive turned into 4, but thats OK. On Sat my brother came down and we had dinner out and took in a show, then on Sun went to the IMAX theater and saw the movie they did special for IMAX about the La. area, before and after the hurricane. Was very educational. Didn't realize that it was mostly man caused that so much of the swamp area has dissapeared and that was the buffer for the ocean storms. Quite a good show and of course you get dizzy looking at this huge 12 story screen, you feel like you are flying over the swamps.

I will post pictures on my other blog site of the area, if you can't find it, just scan down a few posts as I put it there.

Was glad to get home, came back a day early since there was company coming in from out of state. Plus hubby was packing up to head out Sat to go back to Nv. to get his sister moved. He almost got caught Sun nite in Utah on the east side of that huge fire, but by Mon mornig they opened the highway he needed to get on and he make it thru OK without having to detour way south. IF all goes as planned, the movers will load out Fri and they will start back on Sat. Guess SIL is doing well after the fx. hip and is about ready to get rid of the cane.

Have a cute little stray dog that "showed" up Sat. Is it true if you bath a stray dog you have bonded for life??

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Betty said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a good vacation and visit with your brother.