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Friday, September 28, 2007

Big Sigh

After a couple fasle starts we finally got closed on the new house today. There was a little glitch with the deed transfer but it got worked out. So now we can get started on the renovation that needs done. I think I mentioned that there was major floor damage in the kitchen from a leak that no one noticed. That was how we were able to make a much lower offer and the owners ( who live out of state) took it right away.

Been laying awake at night and listening to a pair of barn owls that come and sit in a tree in the front yard for awhile every nite. They have a very unusual hoot. Its sort of a hoot-hoot-hoot-purr. Alot of things go thru your mind when you can't sleep and one is the fact that no matter how old we are, do we ever really know what we WANT? I mean I am not the only one to think this am I? It is a pattern with Hubby, we are always changing what we want. But then its not just him, Its me too. I guess I never really ever knew what I wanted from life. In many ways its not what I GOT. Not that I have alot to complain about. Guess I am to much a romantic at heart. Sometimes moving around all my life ends up making me feel like I have no real root. A piece of property is just that, and it seems it shouldn't be that way. That is probably why I have alot of regrets about leaving this little 20 acre farm. IT is my 3rd time to live there, 2nd time to own it. When we moved back it just seemed like it was ment to be for us to end up back there. But there are so many reasons why we need to leave, (while we can) How many times can we start over and remake a house to fit our needs. We are getting to old for this!
So Guess we will get done what needs done and get the little farm on the market to sell. So on that note I will just give a big sigh, and move on.

Oh, we did sell the horse and donkey and found a home for Suzy, so all we have left are the chickens, and heck we could always eat them right????

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Betty said...

I think I know how you feel. I have always felt "rootless" myself, and I don't know why. I have lived here for over 30 years and you would think that one would feel some permanence, but I still have occasional thoughts of moving away.