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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sometimes its all just too much

Seems that the longer I go without posting something the harder it is to get back to it. Things sort of pile up and its like where do I start. So I have a feeling this will be a long post.

No. 1. I just deleted a big whinny comment about my heart problems and whether anyone cares. Decided I won't go there anymore for now.

No. 2. This is a biggy, we have decided to sell our little farm that we just bought a couple years ago and move into town. It was sort of one of those things that the inspiration hits you out of the "blue". and it just seems to be the right thing to do. A couple weeks ago we were both working our butts off and it was so hot, and we have so much to mow and so many projects that we just can't handle or get to, that I just blurted out "why don't we just sell this and buy the house next door to your sister that is for sale?" Honest to God, I don't know where that came from, but it just hit us that it was what we should do. So we hashed it over all weekend and the next week went to look at the house. So I can talk about all that later if it materializes. We just used our hearts instead of our minds when we bought this 20 acres back. One of the reasons we sold it 10 years ago was that it was to much work. Of course we have to have critters, you know if you live on a farm you have to. But they are expensive to take care, vet bills, feed, and equipment. It sure adds up. So there we are, after all the remodeling and hard work that has been done this last year.

No. 3. We sold the horse and donkeys. Wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. I think we found a good home for them. The guy who bought them brought his "hand" with him. He looked like he belonged on a horse, a skinny guy about 30 with a big wad of tobacco packed in his lower lip and a huge cowboy hat. He saddled up Sam and took him out in the pasture and talked to him and carefully got on board, and Sam bolted into the gate. So this guy is real cool and just talks to him and sits there for several minutes to let him calm down, then walked him around a bit. They both agreed he was a smart horse and just needed to be worked (and put on a diet) I imagine hubby has packed a couple hundred pounds on him in the last year. After that hard workout, Sam had to take a good roll in the dirt, and get a drink of water, then he nuzzled everyone to see if there were any treats! They will use him at the sale barn to herd cattle and such. So he will be a working horse. The donkeys will just be put out to pasture for now. We don't want to know what happens to them. The cowboy guy has his 3 kids with him, Real nice kids, all in cowboy hats and they had fun leading Flossy around and picking up her feet. She needs someone like them to mess with her. So maybe they will end up with her. Poor old momma donkey prob won't make it thru another winter, so at least we won't have to deal with that.

No. 4. Guess I am back to my medical thing just for a bit. Only to just say that I HATE the medicine that they are trying on me. Makes my blood pressure to low and that makes me feel tired, and then I have a head ache all day. So hopefully it will ease up soon or we are going to try something different.

No 5. Going to City Hall tonite to do a presentation, to try to get the lot behind my store cleaned up. I did the research and found out that the dentist next door (he has office hrs. only 1 day a week) owns the lot. So I got copies of their deed and a lot map, and I wrote a letter, and the dentist wrote a great letter. So I will present it and I even took a picture to go with it. See the next lot over after this open lot belongs to a guy who owns the big building there and he hauls all this junk out and throws it down and the weeds and brush is all grown up. All we want is for him to clear out his junk then the Dentist will help get it cleaned up and I agreed to keep it mowed and clean so I can make a parking place for a couple cars behind my store, I wanted to buy the lot, but the dentist isn't ready to let me do that. Maybe later on.

No. 6. I mentioned trying Dr. Gott's no sugar, no flour diet. Been sticking to it pretty faithfully. Lost 6 lbs. so far. Slow and easy should be the best.

Had almost 6 in. of rain Fri. nite and Sat. morning. North of us got alot of flooding and over in Oklahoma again.

OK I am done for now. Oh, has anyone ever bought or sold a house on E-Bay??

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