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Friday, September 14, 2007

BINGO, we did it again!

We made an offer on this nice house in nearby town, actually we made an offer much below asking price (will explain why later) and by the next day they accepted the offer with no questions. Hmmmmmm, wonder if we could have gone lower. Guess we will never know.
Now the reason we made a low offer, when the folks moved out last year, the line to the refrig did not have a shut off, so they bent it over. Well it has had a slow leak into the kitchen floor for a year. Still don't understand why the listing agent didn't notice anything. Maybe the buckling of the flooring didn't occure till recently. So we got our contractor guy to get a look at it and even went ahead and paid for an inspector so we know all the problems up front. Heck we are used to having our home torn up. So it is no big deal to us to have the entire kitchen floor torn up, cabinets moved out, then replace it all. We will still come out with a nice home in a very good neighborhood. It is a corner lot so only neighbor is SIL next door and the house behind is quite aways away, as the yards are real big.

So that is the biggest news. Still trying real hard to find a home for Suzy, she is into digging up moles in the yard now. Thats after she has gone out early in the morning when the birds are waking up and catches a sparrow from a bush, then carries it around and either eats it or bury's it. I put an ad in the local ad mag. that comes out weekly. But have looked into animal shelter and found one to take her to if we have to. She is so smart and sweet we hate to do that to her.

Sister is having a big celebration for her 10th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Have a big tent set up, looks like maybe they are having a revival meeting. After her cancer scare last year and treatment from hell, they feel like celebrating. I say GOOD for them. Other sister is just finishing up radiation to her leg from a rare kind of malignant tumor that was removed this summer. So send good vibes to her for getting her strength back now and getting back to her sassy self.

Oh, one last thing, it is so good to be done with that hot summer weather we had. Feels good to sleep with the window open and down in the 50's at nite. I like.


Betty said...

Congratulations on getting the house. I have been meaning to ask you, do you have a web site for your book store?

dc said...

Sorry Betty, not yet, but good idea, I have a site on E-bay, if you go to and look for sellers and put in my ID which is
read_again_books you can see what I am currently selling. But maybe I will look at a web site for the store. I am thinking of opening an e-store with e-bay so I can list lots more books for less fees to e-bay. dc