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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Before I forget, I must report my trip to City Hall this last Tue.
It all started a few months ago when I went to the Dentist office next door to my store to ask about buying the lot behind my store.
Well the dentist wasn't to sure about how much of the lot he owned. He had purchased some lots a few years ago so he could expand the parking lot on the other side of his office and it included the lot that runs behind both of our buildings.
So I went to the court house and checked and he actually owned the full lot 28 ft wide behind us. So I went back and told him, well he really didn't want to sell but sure wished we could get it cleaned up. See there is an old big brick building just the other side of the lot, it had been used as an antique store, until the woman who ran it died 2 years ago. Her husband closed it down, BUT has used this lot to haul junk out and leave lay. When I bought my store, he had a huge dump truck sitting there full of God knows what. Finally on City Wide Clean up day he drove it (with tires almost flat, and icky stuff running out the bottom) out to the dump then parked it somewhere else, I was so glad to see it gone, till he pulled a pickup in and has filled it with stuff. The weeds and saplings have grown up now with all the junk under it all.
So the dentist and I got together and wrote letters to the City Council, I included a copy of the deed to show ownership in case that was in question and took pictures. Since the dentist lives 30 miles away, I agreed to present our info.
Which is what I did,(oh, and the dentist had called City Hall a couple times this summer to complain, but nothing was done) So the council voted unanimously that a letter should be sent to this guy and let him know if he didn't clear his junk out, the city would and send him a bill.
See my plan is to get the lot cleaned up. It runs from the alley up to main street, there is a foundation of some kind across the middle as it is on a sort of hill. If we can get it cleaned up the Dentist said he would bring in some gravel for the area behind my store, so I can have some parking and in exchange we will keep the area clean and mowed. Of course I visualize planting flowers and all.
So we will see what happens, I would still like to buy at least half the lot that is behind my store. Maybe later on he will agree to that. Heck I might want to add on, who knows.

Next week I will report on my trip to City Hall next Tue. Going before the Judge this time to protest my ticket I got. Will tell about that one later.

Oh, and we got posession of the house yesterday!! Now the real work begins.

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