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Saturday, June 14, 2008


I hope there is a special place in Hell for anyone who would steal from someone who has just gone thru a disaster and lost everything of value! Yesterday someone KICKED in the back door of our little farm house. I have mentioned before that we are letting a single mother and her daughter live there after the tornado on May 10th wiped her out. The house is full of hand me downs that have been donated to her. Last week a friend bought her a new stereo unit. The first new thing that she has that is really hers. She got home from work and found the back door kicked in and the stereo gone along with several speakers that came with it. They also broke a couple glass framed pictures just for fun. We went to Lowes this morning and got a new door to install and I called to tell her we would be out tomorrow to install it she said, "more bad news, they stole the remote control to our new air conditioner unit" (That we just had installed last summer) Guess it was laying on the table with the remote to the stereo so they grabbed both of them. Don't know what that will cost to replace.
Called the county sheriff Dept. and they came out and wrote up a report. That's all they will or can do. It had to be someone pretty stout to stand on a lower level in the mud room and kick uphill. One muddy boot print on the steel door.
I just checked with our insurance agent last week to let him know that someone was living at the house and he said that was good. It is not good to have a house sitting empty. I doubt they would have broken in if it was empty. Almost looks like they knew what they wanted, as there was other stuff that could have been taken easily.
Our listing on the house expired last week so we are going with another agent. Sure be glad when it is sold!!!
So that's my sad note for today. Working (after work at the store) this evening at the nursing home. Still getting some orientation time.
Thought for the day: Everything works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out, its not the end.- Unknown

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