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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Smile, it will all work out

This is our little utility shed in the back yard. We are starting to enjoy our yard now. It was a big open yard when we moved in last winter. Now we have this, plus some flowerbeds and a garden we made with railroad ties. I will take a current picture soon of it. We have tomatoes big as golf balls and tiny cucumbers setting on.

We are listing our little farm with a different agent today. I think the gal that's been living there since the tornado is moving out. Looks like she got a double wide and put it on the same site. We still haven't found out what the remote from the air conditioner will cost. I mentioned in the last post about the break in. Spent Sunday, 3 of us installing a new door. Well Brother did most of it, but took all 3 of us to get it set. Been out twice to paint the trim. And the flower beds are all full of weeds, but hate to pull to many till she moves, as she has a pup that will try to help me and it will be worse than having weeds.

Worked Sat pm and Mon. days at the nursing home. Surprise! I think I like it. Sad to say I went in with the attitude of just getting thru it and making some extra income. Give me 20 lashes!! But I did all the treatments Mon on my own.(that's how I work best anyway) and I enjoyed it and enjoyed the patients. So think this will be a good thing. I have an older customer who is going to train with me here at the store and I will be letting her work at least one day a week here for me. Cool, I will have one employee! She knows the pay will be poor but she gets to read all the books she wants for free, and she was excited to have something to do. She says she gets so bored. So it is a win/win.

Thought for the day: Kindness makes you feel better inside, it makes you smile. When you smile you use more muscles, which helps to prevent wrinkles. It all works together!

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