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Friday, June 20, 2008

New Garden Spot

This is our little garden so far. Of course Molly had to get in the picture, she is checking out to make sure no squirrels have been nosing around. Have baby cucumbers setting on, they are climbing on the rack to the right and the one on the left is vining okra. I think you can click on it to make it larger.

The gal and her daughter moved out yesterday from the farm, so we are back to where we were the first of May. Hubby mowed the whole yard this week and now has alot of tree trimming. Guess we just thought we should have stayed away and not bothered her but that was a mistake. We still needed to be taking care of some of the stuff. Oh, well we will get it all straightened out. Think it will actually be better to have it empty again. We will probably go out and stay once in awhile. I have alot of weeding to do in the flower beds. I was waiting for her to leave as she had a puppy and I was afraid he would be to much help with the weeding.

We listed the farm with a different agent this week and lowered the price a little so hope that will help.

Oriented my new "employee" yesterday. I think she will be just fine here. She will run the store for me on Thursdays. That is usually the slowest day of the week. I will only be a phone call away so she can reach me. She was excited to have something to do and has all the books she can read. She is another old Iowa gal, so we have alot in common. Might even take her with me on my next trip up there.

Thought for the day: Never argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level and beat you.

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