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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

$4.00 scrip

Well he did get the 4 $ scrip {antibiotic} but forgot to mention that when he was there with the 60$ scrip he had a second one for 20$ He had no idea what it was but he took it. Find out later that it was for Cultirelle, something that keeps you from getting diarrhea when you are on antibiotics! But all is well, I think, Took him for Pizza Tue pm after all the confusion and the brothers had taken him to see his wife.

Sis No 1 seems to be better. Sis no. 2 went up this AM early and they have clamped the GTube and letting her take clear liquids and see what happens. The bowel blockage is partially relieved for now. So maybe she will be able to go home in a day or so and see how she will do.

A "funny" story: When the 3 of us were in the oncology Dr. office he was telling us about the possibility of putting in a PEG tube, {basically a feeding tube, but used to open the end and let the build up of gas in the stomach out, which was a BIG problem at that time} He barely finished telling about that and Sis No 1 in her Jessica Simpson impersonation said "I want one"!! Well we were scheduled to see the dr. about putting on in on Monday but she was already in the hospital by then. I would like to see one put in before she goes home, because I know we will end up with similar problems again before long.

Big Bro. has been spending time with all of us and it has been great to have him here. We had to kick him out to the farm to sleep as he was keeping sis #2 awake with his tickle cough that he has. After his first nite out there he told me it sure was dark out there in the country. Seems our security light had burned out, so called the electric co. to come fix it, since it belongs to them. We just pay a flat fee monthly for the electric and use of their light.

Ok thats it for now.

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