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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Well, lets see: Got the window repaired in the pickup. Had forgotten that I didn't carry comprehensive on it as it is an older truck, so had to pay $193 out of pocket for the pleasure those boys had in knocking out the window. Hope they are real proud of themselves. Hubby thinks I should park out in the street about 1/2 block away from the store. But I decided I wouldn't be held hostage and feel I couldn't park right behind my store in plain site of all the folks that travel the alley and the local police dept just up the alley. So There!

Had a little scare Sat nite. We stayed out to the farm, been trying to do that a couple nites a week. Anyway, got a call at midnight on my cell. I figured it was the nursing home looking for some help. But it was my sister in law. She said her heart had been racing and skipping for over an hour and thought she should call an ambulance. We told her to unlock her door and sit on the couch till they got their and we were on our way. They kept her in ER for an hour or so and she had another short burst of this arrhythmia. Sent her home with some pills and to follow up with her cardiologist. So far no more incidence but at 83 you never know. We think that she over did it Sat. Was cleaning the window screens with the hose and a long handle brush. You think??
Of course that sounds like something I would do. We always think we can keep doing stuff that we shouldn't.

Thats it for now. Reading Memoirs of a Geisha, very good book if you get a chance to read it.

Waiting the the left over rain from Hurricane Gustov. Supposed to come in tonight and last a couple days. Sure have have had more rain than usual for this time of year. Grass will grow clear up till we get a hard freeze.

Thought for the day: Why do you have to "put your two cents in".... But it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going?

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