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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Am I Sick?

Do you ever get Christmas Paralysis? I seem to catch it every year in December. At first it seems like Christmas is along way off, then all of a sudden its only 7 days, and you find you have done nothing. And this year I mean absolutely nothing, no cards, no gifts, nadda. I am really sick this year.

I could blame it on selling one house and buying another in the month of Dec. Plus arranging movers, utilities, packing, and the endless lists on my counter because I can't remember squat anymore without my lists! But I do love it when I cross things off the list as done. Guess that's one satisfaction.

So if no one hears from me this year, give me a break, maybe I won't get "sick" next year. But I don't guarantee it. I think it is something I have had since about 1980.

So I will say Merry Christmas.
Be kind to one another.
Kiss the kids, cause its really their time.

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