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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We accidently sold our home!

This is no joke! How did this happen? We have been planning for some time to move back out west. Not as far as Nevada but to Colorado. We lived in Colorado for a year and loved it there. I am talking on the Western Slope, not up in the mountains.

We had talked with the Realtor that assisted with the closing on the sale of our little farm in Oct. With the housing market like it is, or at least what we are being told, we were going to be a little cautious. So we had her and her broker come to the house to help us decide on a fair market value. Of course they suggested much lower than we wanted. So we had been putting her off and thinking we would wait till after the first of Jan. Well she called us a couple weeks ago and said she had this couple that she had shown alot of houses to and she just wanted to "show" it to them if we would sign a consent and establish what we wanted. So we did and set the price higher than their high end. Dang if they didn't come back with an offer of cash just a little under our price and gave us 60 days to move, no rent! So we just felt it was meant to be and had to take it

We had already planned another trip to Co. to look at houses again and it worked out perfect. We left on Thanksgiving and ended up staying a whole week because we made an offer on a house and couldn't leave till we got an OK on it. Really had no other back up plan so were relieved when it was accepted. We ended up buying a new smaller home in a new area on the west side of the little town. We even have horses in a pasture across the street from us. The new home was the same price of the ones we were looking at that were a few years old of similar size. But they were already run down, back yards wrecked with dogs in most of them. One even had a bunch of pitbulls.

I have said I didn't want a new home. There is always so much to do and added cost, but we are working it out with the developer to have the landscaping done before we move in.

Details, details. So much to do with closing on one house and trying to make moving plans and closing on the new one. Have a huge stack of boxes in living room but no packing done yet. Took a bunch of furniture to an auction last week. Heck we're sick of moving already!

A funny,(well really not so funny), glitch with closing on the house we are in. We close tomorrow and on Mon. the folks did a walk thru to just ask questions about things, and he brought his tape measure and was measuring the lot. He couldn't make his measurements match the survey map info that we had done in Oct 07. Long story short, we ended up having to have the survey folks come back out and the buyers were right. The fence between us and hubby's sister was 25 ft over on her side. We had it surveyed last year and no one looked at it and the fence co. followed the old fence just like we told them, so it was no one's fault but our own. Just should not have done the survey!! So now sister in law has to deed that 25, actually 24ft over to our property. The fence stays with her property. She doesn't really care because her house is up for sale too and with it all fenced, that will work out fine. What a mystery, as to why that fence was where it was. Someone just didn't want to mow so much lawn, or just didn't know better.

Hope to have good news about my book store real soon. Got my fingers crossed.

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