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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Postal Rates, so confusing

Now I remember why I don't usually ship outside of the US. I sold a jacket on e-bay and let a guy in Switzerland win it on the understanding he would pay the extra postage. All was fine, then I let him know I had another one that was real nice and a little heavier. Sent him pictures and he wanted it too. So I added a couple dollars to my shipping cost. Duh< Never assume anything. This coat weighed 11 oz over the limit and had to go priority at 17$ more than I quoted him. So had to offer to refund or let him pay more which ever he wants.

Lesson learned: 4 lbs is the cut off then the price goes UP!! But I don't' think I will do this again unless I just charge some outrageous postal fee and let them bid away. Getting ready to put a big elk hide, fur and all on line today. Its beautiful but not very practical unless you live in a lodge in the mountains.

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