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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Last DAY

Today is my last official day in my store. (wipes a tear) I will be back the first couple weeks of Feb and do some blogging then, but for now this is it.

I was very lucky to find a young lady to share my store. She will be selling country collectibles!! Doesn't that just fit with use books! I will maintain everything in the store, utilities ect. and she will be here 6 hrs. a day 5 days a week. I have been working with her for 3 days to teach her how I handle my books, the trade in system, and all. My brother will pick up money weekly and deposit it for me. She will hopefully sell her stuff. She has a hubby who drives semi and is gone most of the week. So she is excited and I am too. This will work out for us. So thats it for now. Will not be around on line till about the 2nd of Feb.

Please send up a little prayer for me for good roads for our mountain crossing next Thursday!

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