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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please don't call me for a Tow

When we moved we got a new phone number. It is always interesting to find out who had the number before you got it. Apparently this number belonged to a Towing Company that is now out of business. It is mostly funny to get the calls except the other nite it was about 11 pm. Hubby jokes that we could have made alot of money if we had a truck!

At least this isn't as bad as the number we had when we lived in Nevada. It had belonged to someone who not only didn't speak English as a first language but was wanted by finance companies, collection agencies, and the law. It was hard to make people believe that the person they wanted did not live there. That went on for over a year.

Thought for the day: Smile, it uses fewer muscles that a frown. Besides its catching, try it.

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