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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Not a tornado!

Just a weird cloud formation last PM. Had to go out in the street and catch a picture. We had these little dry snow "balls" showers off and on yesterday. This morning the foothills were white till the sun hit them. Mountains got several inches.

Busy yet with unpacking SIL Tooooo much stuff for her cute little house. Already sold her sofa and hassock. She must have 15 lamps!! Oh well she is being a really good sport about it and is just glad to be here and not where the real tornado's are. I hear Kansas got hit again.

We should have our back lawn in tomorrow. Will be glad, we are already tired of looking at dirt. I have roses and some other plants to get in the ground that we moved with us. Putting up some peg board in the garage today, and bought a couple of cabinets to put over the toilets to use as medicine cabinets. Guess they don't put them in new houses anymore.

I have one more picture to add of the sunset last week that was so pretty.

Thought for the day: Look for all my little notes with "thought for the day" ideas. LOL

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