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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Been Weaving

Finally got my weaving area set up. Hubby hung a lamp in the corner and I have music or TV or big window to glance out. This rug is from an old denim rag rug that I have had for years and the warp was worn out and it was coming unraveled. The gal that taught me to weave, told me I could clip it loose and re weave it. I really like it and will keep it for many years of wear. It is 48 in. long.
The second pic is of some denim that I have saved for many years. The most of it is from some old striped denim overalls that my dad wore and I have packed them around for close to 40 years. So this rug is a keeper too. Darn I have a hard time weaving something that I don't want to keep for ME.
Can click on pic to see a larger pic. Working on one now that is from some cotton cable knit sweaters that I wore for years and hated to get rid of. It is coming out nice and thick.
Thanks Betty for all your teaching. I am finally getting back to sewing rag balls and weaving in my spare time.
New project coming up that I will report on later next week.

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