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Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting dirty

After all it is the first day of spring and you have to get down and a little dirty!! Hubby went to Walmart to get a few bags of potting soil and came back with a pickup full of bags of Chicken manure and top soil. Great stuff. I have painted some huge potting tubs like you get from a green house, that trees come in. I painted them a stone red and now I have big pots to do my gardening in. They look great along the edge of the lawn sitting on the gravel. I plan to have tomatoes, onions, and several for flowers. Will post pictures as things progress. Got the bird feeding station up. We did hear birds singing in the trees a block away so hopefully they will find us. Hung up my first load of cloths on the umbrella clothesline that got set up 2 days ago. Got one rose bush planted. 2 more to go. The flower bed is full of small boulders so it takes time to dig them all out, then will add some of that good stuff he bought today. I brought several small pots of ground cover, cone flowers, yellow spiky plants, and a big tub of hibiscus with me when we moved. Making progress.

Since we can't fish might as well get dirty!

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