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Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's good to know that if I behave strangely enough, society will take full responsibility for me.

I took this picture along side a lake yesterday, up in the mountains.

I finally did get to work for 2 days of orientation, (even got paid for this) But that was a week and a half ago and I have faxed in my availability so guess I will have to wait. A sort of funny chain of events, remember I have sort of complained about it taking so long to get on board with working at the corrections, even though I was told that they wanted me. I was given quite a run around and 3 trips over the mountains for different paper work, (about 500 miles round trip) Anyway I think I might have figured out something. When I first got to visit the prison and talk to Mary, the DON of another facility (she was filling in as DON at the one I want to work at too) she told me that she thought I had qualifications for the DON position that would be posted soon and I should apply for it. See the DON had died last Nov. and the position had never been posted for applicants. Well this was the end of March. So as I have said, I got this long run around all summer, and when I finally went out for my orientation recently,(working thru this staffing agency) I find that Mary has just been appointed the DON job there and will be my boss. Now do you think maybe she didn't want me there till she had the job nailed down. I really didn't want it, but had I been offered I might have thought about it for a while. Sooooooo glad that it never happened. In fact I am glad I didn't get hired on by the state yet. Working thru the agency will be just fine for me right now. Oh, and I got a letter from the state dept of corrections, that I had passed all my tests and was now eligible for hire.

Just got back yesterday from a 2 nite camp out up in the mountains with our new tent trailer. Had to work some bugs out but I think we will really like it. The campground is about 95 miles away. Caught some nice trout, and relaxed with no TV (or computers) Hope to do it again in 2 weeks. Will post some pictures on my other blog site:

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Addict said...

Lol... I think you could have nailed it.
Two of life's greatest professional challenges are
1) working with primarily women (they say men are competitive, but I think women are worse because they're all sneaky about it).
2) the efficiency of state government (or any mega-sized organization.